Yorkshire AI business secures £1.65m of funding.

A Yorkshire tech firm using AI to optimise digital marketing spend has raised £1.65 million funding round to drive expansion.

eSalesHub will invest the new funds to scale the business and develop its A.I. Expansion is expected to create 25 new jobs across technology, data science, business development and sales and marketing at the company’s Doncaster head office.

eSalesHub operates in the £2.5bn UK data analytics and insights market, with an existing product suite that covers call centre and recruitment media, tracking and analysis.

The growth in online shopping has been mirrored with growth in online marketing which, in 2020, is estimated to account for 69p of every £1 of UK marketing spend. But despite the growth in online, tracking sales from online clicks through offline sales remains important as consumers require human interaction before making purchases of goods and services. This has created problems for marketers, who have been unable to track the customer journey when it shifts from online to offline, making accurate measurement of digital marketing success impossible.

“Our A.I technology has the power to analyse… 10,000 customers calls in 0.2 seconds, providing clients with a real time, complete view of the customer journey, actionable customer insights and an average 20 per cent more value from their Google spend,” said Mark Taylor, CEO and founder of eSalesHub.

“However, we are only just scratching the surface of the A.I. opportunity and have plans for expansion beyond call centres and recruitment. This will enable us to triple the local workforce and bring more high quality tech jobs to Yorkshire. We will grow our sales and marketing team to raise awareness of our proven product suite, combined with increased investment in technology and business development to extend the application of A.I as we seek to become Yorkshire’s leading technology business.”


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