Call Centre Integrations

We integrate into your current phone system in a flash


Analyse 10,000 call in 0.2 second using your current phone system integrated with Automated Analytics

We integrate with all your favourite phone platforms

Automated Analytics is also fully compatible with all phone systems, sitting above your current system as middleware, making it easy to integrate providing you with critical insight and business performance metrics.

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Integrate your call centre seamlessly into Automated Analytics solution for superior analytics, with an out-of-the box simple integration.

Automated Analytics sits between the customer calling and your call centre solution, acting as middleware for uninterrupted contact with your call centre.  Our platform is VOIP based and fully compliant with ISO27001.

We integrate with any phone system, from network partners like Vodafone and BT, to system providers like Avaya, Mitel and Air Call.  We integrate with all providers.

All voice to text transcriptions have personal identifiable information (PII) automatically removed by our powerful Ai, before human interaction, making your customer data safe.

You’ll get a much better understanding of why customers are calling and how you can reduce calls with a better customer journey by analysing 100% of your calls.

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