Why taking a data-driven approach can help to supercharge the recruitment process.

For businesses, calling candidates, keeping track of leads and having visibility of the entire candidate journey can sometimes be a slog and there may be situations where it becomes overwhelming.

When this happens, it’s worth taking a data-driven approach to streamline the recruitment process. In this article, we’ll explore ways in which candidate data and technology can be combined to supercharge the hiring process.

First, let’s look at the kind of candidate data that can be used to provide more context on the recruitment journey.

What kind of candidate information should be looked at?

  • Sources a candidate used to find a job e.g. LinkedIn
  • Keywords a candidate used to find a job
  • The location of a candidate
  • Lead sources e.g. a candidate phone call
  • Time-to-fill: This metric is a record of how long it takes to successfully place a candidate from the moment a job position has become available. This helps employers identify the positions that took the longest time to fill and the jobs that were easiest to land.
  • Time-to-hire: This metric focuses on the number of days between the time a candidate is approached and the time a candidate has accepted a job. Time-for-hire is a useful metric for determining how well a company is performing.
    Quality of hire: This metric identifies how well a candidate is likely to perform and can be connected with data such as the hire sources to help refine recruitment strategies.

How can candidate information be combined with technology?

When it comes to collecting important candidate data, technology plays a vital role. An example is AI-based call analytics technology that gathers candidate information from various sources and carries out a deep analysis to identify relevant leads. This data can then be used to refine recruitment marketing campaigns and streamline hiring.

What are the benefits of this technology?

Hire more people
Using data-driven recruitment software can dramatically improve the hiring process by gaining insight into the most effective recruitment channels e.g. LinkedIn or Reed.

Once a business has this information, they are in a better position to strengthen their recruitment strategy and find the right leads.

Make internal processes slicker
By having a deep level of insight into the recruitment journey, brands can focus on tightening up internal processes. This is achieved through having access to data such as the stage that a candidate drops out, the cost of acquisition and more.

Save money
Another advantage to using data-driven recruitment technology is companies can save money by refining their marketing budget. This works by being able to analyse the channels that are bringing in the most hires and then focusing on the strategies that are driving clicks and calls.

By seeing this data, organisations can put money towards the most valuable recruitment campaigns.

Supercharge your recruitment processes today

From helping brands gain more hires to building the foundation for cost-effective recruitment we have the expertise to help you turbocharge your hiring efforts.

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