Red Driving School generated incremental revenue from Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is an often-overlooked source of high-quality leads for franchises or other regionalized service strategies. Customers will run a Google search for keywords related to your service and location, after which they’ll be presented with your local service’s GMB profile.

However, Red Driving School were struggling to prove it’s value as they were unable to measure the performance of their GMB without a separate, dedicated telephone number and a call tracking and analytics solution.

Tracking phone conversions

Customer journey tracking is made all the more complicated as soon as the customer moves their journey off the website to transact over the phone, but it’s potentially the most pivotal stage in the customer’s journey, converting from prospect to customer, or prospect to lost opportunity.

Red Driving School used Customer360 to optimize their GMB through the combination of dedicated phone numbers and our call tracking and analysis. The dedicated phone number allowed them to separate customers’ phoning from the GMB profile versus customers’ phoning from other sales lead channels.


By successfully attributing a high volume of good-quality leads to their Google My Business profile, our data enabled them to confirm it was a valuable source of revenue. This gave them the confidence to increase spending on their GMB-related Google Ads, and by populating the GMB profiles with sponsored content, they managed to unlock significant incremental revenue from their GMB profile alone.

Finally, given that the Customer360 platform will establish whether the sale was successfully converted (and at what media price), they could measure the quality of leads from their GMB versus the quality of leads from other channels.

We started working with Customer360 and got great results. The performance insight they provide us and our franchisees in real-time we couldn’t get from any other system. Full visibility from origin of the lead through to final customer review. And it can deliver.

Alastair Donson
Performance Manager

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