Bing for Jobs integration

Integrate Bing for Jobs into your Candidate Journey Today.

Why choose Bing for Jobs?

With over 6% market share of the search market, Bing for Jobs is a good organic source for applicants.

Why post a job on Bing for Jobs?

Bing for Jobs is very similar to Google for Jobs in that it lists job postings for free within the Bing search engine.

It’s free to post jobs, you just need to mark up your jobs with schema code on your careers site to list your jobs. Once this is enabled, there’s an API you can call to update the jobs that are listed within the search engine.

The candidate then clicks the link within Bing for Jobs and is then sent straight to your careers site to apply.

Not only is TrackTrack an approved Bing for Jobs API partner, but all our careers sites have schema code built within each implementation. A tracking code is used to track the source of every applicant, attributing Bing for Jobs as a source whenever someone applies via this channel.

Our direct API integration into Bing for Jobs ensures all your jobs are posted to Bing for Jobs automatically, saving you valuable recruiting time.

How do you integrate with Bing for Jobs?

We post your jobs directly to Bing for Jobs for their API with schema mark-up code on the job posting within your careers site. Your feed of jobs is taken from your ATS for job posts or you directly create them within our platform. The candidate can click a link within Bing for Jobs and land on the relevant job post on your careers site and apply. Our tracking code attributes the source of every application, so you can review in real-time the response rates from Bing for Jobs.

Integrating Bing for Jobs with TalentTrack.

Using TalentTrack to integrate with Bing for Jobs, you’ll more accurately know:

  • How many applications are being driven through Bing for Jobs
  • How many applications from Bing for Jobs are being hired
  • Which locations are getting more applications and more hires from Bing for Jobs
  • Which jobs are getting more applications from Bing for Jobs
  • What is the return on investment from Bing for Jobs
  • What is the cost per hire from Bing for Jobs
  • What is the time to hire from Bing for Jobs

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Alastair Donson
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